‘Akasham’ song release by Sai Pallavi!:

‘Akaash’ with a different storyline

Introduction of Ashok Selvan as hero

Gopisunder who has given the catchy tune

Beautifully written and meaningful lyrics

The movie is releasing on 4th of this month

'Akasham' song release by Sai Pallavi!
‘Akasham’ song release by Sai Pallavi!

The movie ‘Akaasham’ is getting ready to greet the audience with a different plot. Ashok Selvan is making his debut on the Telugu screen with this film. Ritu Verma – Aparna Balamurali and Sivatmika Rajasekhar acted opposite him. The film will be released on a grand scale on November 4.

The three heroines are likely to be the special attraction of this movie. So far, the updates from this movie are also increasing the interest. In this background, a romantic melody song was released by the hands of Sai Pallavi from this movie. This song goes on saying ‘Oopire haiga .. marene gadam, imagination teiyaga .. marene nijaluga’.

Ashok Selvan – This song is romantically shot on Shivatmika. The tune rendered by Gopisunder is pleasant. This song is impressive with simple words and meaningful lyrics. The singing with feeling brought life to this song. It remains to be seen how far this film directed by Karthik will connect with the youth.

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